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Virus and Doctors of Chiropractic offices

04 March, 2020

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It is not just the cough or sneeze that spreads viruses. Studies show the spread of viruses happens more often by hand touch. To Doctors of Chiropractic hand touching our patients is necessary.

A segment of an article that appeared in the New York Times, March 3, 2020 states:

The 2003 epidemic of SARS, a more deadly coronavirus than the one currently spreading, that the virus was often transmitted from surface contact. In one Hong Kong hotel, an infected doctor who checked into his room on the ninth floor before going to the hospital for treatment left a trail of virus that infected at least seven people who also had rooms on the ninth floor, who then went on to spread the disease elsewhere. The doctor, who died from the infection, was later identified as a “super spreader” linked to about 4,000 cases of SARS that occurred during the epidemic.

Every person who serves the public should absolutely wash their hands before and after person contact. This is especially true of healthcare professionals, in particular Doctors of Chiropractic and their staff.

In chiropractics infancy, to promote the difference between medicine and chiropractic, the statement, all disease conditions are caused by nerve interference and not by germs was a mantra of the profession. That statement has followed us down to the present day to the extent that many in our profession do not take simple precautions to avoid spreading pathogens while serving our patients.

For Doctors of Chiropractic and staff, one of the minimal precautions to take is to wash hands in between patients. This simple procedure will cut down on pathogen transfer and even reduce staff sick time.

There are other precautions to take, such as sanitizing the adjusting and treatment tables morning and noon. That should also be performed right after a patient exhibits any cold or flu symptoms.

The bottom line is, take healthy precautions even though we are a non-invasive healthcare profession.

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