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Our whole world is comprised of energy frequencies, including disease.

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

24 August, 2021

In the early 1900s, Albert Einstein described the underlying foundation of physical form. He is attributed to have said, "Everything is energy, and that's all there is to it.” “This is not philosophy.” he continued, “This is physics." Thus, the world we call physical is energy frequencies observed. We see, feel, taste, touch, and hear in the perceived physical; however, in that statement, Einstein revealed Energy as the single foundation for everything in the universe. Since the time of his pronouncement, scientists have confirmed his report.

For energy to be perceived as the physical world, it is generated in different wavelengths or frequencies. For energy to be formed into different frequencies requires specific design by an Intelligence. That Intelligence creates a pattern with frequencies that become physical expressions.

The human body is a culmination of multiple energy patterns. Therefore, the expression of the human body must constantly be regenerating from energy patterns to the physical. The point in time when frequencies manifest as physical cells State Energy Remedy® has titled the Flesh-point of the body structure. Flesh points are constantly appearing as a body function to rejuvenate and continue to express life.

Documented Flesh Points are the replacement tissue cells in organs created from energy patterns. Examples of Flesh Point replacement cell timelines for small intestine cells 2-4 days, Stomach cells 2-9 days, blood cells 1-5 days, gastrointestinal colon cells 3-4 days, skin cells 10-30 days. The different timeline Flesh Points indicate the constant that an Intelligence directs body function.

During this ongoing cell replacement process by Intelligence, a person has input into the current moment's energy pattern, which influences energy patterns of future body expressions. The input may be as simple as a judgment that leads to a choice of hairstyle, that leads to a clothing choice, or the hygiene embraced. Each of these inputs is based on the individual's judgment leading to a choice. The choice then becomes a foundation for future patterns. Finally, humans express those choices until they make a judgment to change and set a new pattern.

Some human judgments are from conscious choices; others are not. An example of a judgment that is not a conscious choice might be if a snake or some other incident were to cause fright. That experience may cause an emotional judgment. The frequency of the emotional judgment may attach itself to an energy pattern as an Insulting Frequency. The Insulting Frequency is parasitic to its host energy pattern, causing a static-like interruption at the Flesh Point as it becomes a cell.

The body’s intelligence is aware of the static interruption and responds by working around the crippled Flesh Point. The continual effort to isolate the crippling insulting frequency result in what the human senses consider chronic pains, aches. The result of the body’s intelligence work around effort is viewed as a disease.

Humans have been targeting the physically sensed health conditions that are not the problem. Instead, the problem is the cause, the crippling insulting frequency. At this point, only State Energy Remedy® has the tools to find and incapacitate the crippling insulting frequency, thus reducing or eliminating the resultant chronic pains, aches, and illnesses. This is because state Energy Remedy® works with the energy frequencies system of the body rather than the physical expression of the body.

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Ronald Masters II, D.C.

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