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Science searches for answers to Disease yet ignores the elephant in the room.

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

15 May, 2021

Science searches for answers to Disease yet ignores the elephant in the room.

The State Energy Remedy® technique utilizes The Insulting Frequency Theory of Disease. The Insulting Frequency Theory of Disease was promulgated by myself, Ronald O. Masters II, D.C., to explain how all disease conditions are the result of energy frequencies that create and support the body becoming compromised by Insulting Frequencies.

All frequencies are the effect of an Intelligence. Energy without an intelligence application has no purpose, therefore, no effect. Intelligent directed energy is always in frequency form. Quantum Physics has proven energy cannot be destroyed, but energy can be changed.

Insulting Frequencies are body life-giving energy frequencies that some event has altered. The result is the Insulting Frequencies affect the body function the same way static energy interrupts radio frequencies. An Insulting Frequency in the body triggers a response by the body's Intelligent Autonomic Mind that maintains homeostasis. The result of the triggered response is the body expression labeled Disease.

The State Energy Remedy® technique is the only health care protocol that directly identifies and confronts the Insulting Frequency causing the disease response. The technique's result is a consistent and replicable success over disease conditions. Others in healthcare have sporadically affected the insulting frequencies with success but without understanding the reason for their success.

The elephant in the room is the energy that creates and supports life. It has always been there, but science only studies the expression of energy, not the energy itself. The State Energy Remedy® Academy instructs how to identify and clear the insulting frequency source of Disease without drugs or surgery, resulting in consistent positive outcomes even with the most complicated cases.

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Ronald Masters II, D.C.

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