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Life is Energy

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

21 August, 2019

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Albert Einstein is attributed to have said "Everything is Energy. That is not Philosophy that is Physics.” Dr. D.D. Palmer the discoverer of the chiropractic principle stated: “Life is the expression of tone”. On a smaller scale, both men were speaking of the energy that controls body function.

I refer to these two statements during the State Energy Remedy Academy online course at

The origin of Chiropractic was based on the energy that keeps the body functioning properly and the effect of that energy's reduction, disease. The tool to implement the clearing of the then assumed cause of the energy's reduction was spinal column dysfunction.

Spinal column dysfunction has become the chiropractic profession's focus rather than focusing on the energy that keeps the body functioning properly.

This Blog "Chiropractic is More" discusses Chiropractic's original focus expanding that focus by melding it with scientific revelations which expands the practice of chiropractic beyond spinal conditions.

This expanded focus broadens the chiropractic profession's focus to unlimited horizons in healthcare. Now Doctors of Chiropractic get results previously unheard of. That brings back the Joy and Fun of practicing.

The expanded chiropractic practice is taught at the online State Energy Remedy Academy.

View a video of Chiropractic’s fastest relief, most comprehensive technique and the State Energy Remedy® Academy curriculum, no credit card necessary. Introducing a limited-time offer of 50-75% savings click;

Ronald Masters II, D.C.

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