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Are We Handing Our Grandchildren's Health Over To The Big Pharmaceutical Companies?

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

03 April, 2021

Why are we handing our grandchildren's health over to the big pharmaceutical companies???

The chiropractic profession In order to tap into the third-party health insurance money pot has turned its focus on the niche of correcting spinal dysfunction. Our profession has relinquished its practice of reducing energy interference.

I understand why we did that, we have families to support. The practice of reducing energy interference at the nerve level is spotty at best. Our outcomes are much better just treating spinal conditions. So we have spent a ton of money researching spinal adjustments, and literally none on energy interference.

Science says there is no connection between spinal subluxation and the cause of disease. So rather than research energy interference and its connection to disease conditions, we have just handed every one of our grandchildren’s health to the health care system that either hides the expression of disease with drugs or removes the tissue or organ believed to be diseased.

Science on the other hand has researched our physical expression and its dependence on energy. Science states “Everything is Energy” which includes disease. I have spent the last 23 years investigating the basis of Disease is energy in a clinical setting. My findings are, Disease conditions are caused by insulting frequencies that create static in the Human Energy Field (HEF). My investigation has revealed a protocol of care that dissipates the insulting frequency so the HEF can express itself without the need to adapt to static energy. The HEF then expresses greater health without the need for drugs or surgery. It works every time.

If we keep creating a chiropractic legacy of spinal care our grandchildren will never know a wonderful life expression free of drugs and energy interference that chiropractors understand. They will have to revert to the pharmaceutical answer to better health. Many of us are already going down that path. That is why I am presenting a better way. We need to get back to working with HEF energy or we will loose it to the detriment of future generations.

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Ronald Masters II, D.C.

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