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What is This New Technique, State Energy Remedy?

01 March, 2020

Doctors ask me what is this technique State Energy Remedy®. Here is an explanation taken from the State Energy Remedy Home Page.

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The State Energy Remedy® technique is a NEW, NEVER BEFORE PRESENTED APPROACH TO HEALING. It embraces the original Chiropractic premise that the origin of a disease condition is the interruption of the life-sustaining energy flow, causing a crippling effect. Quantum Physics scientists have proven everything is Energy Frequency, including disease conditions. The Quantum Physics discovery does not replace the nerve interference Origin of Disease; it broadens the Origin of Disease to all energy in the body.

An energy frequency that insults normal life-giving energy frequency flow causes a frequency disruption, which is the origin of a crippling disease condition. State Energy Remedy® identifies and dissipates the disease condition's source, an Insulting Frequency, thus restoring the normal life-giving energy flow, the result, better health. Results are almost instant since the State Energy Remedy® treatment engages body energy.

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Ronald Masters II, D.C.

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