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What do we do when we adjust the spine?

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

29 April, 2021

What do we do when we adjust the spine?

  1. Reduce Spinal Facet Stasis (fixation).

    1. What causes Facet Stasis

      1. Inflammation or is the result of Facet Stasis.

      2. Lack of spinal motion.

        1. Spinal motion is one of the activities that dissipate used body energy.

        2. If there is a lack of spinal motion the used energy settles into the facet complex and creates an insulting energy center.

    2. The adjustment action of releasing the Spinal Facet Stasis allows the used body energy to dissipate as intended. This is generally only a temporary correction of the facet stasis.

  2. To increase nerve flow, the original premise of Chiropractic.

    1. What reduces nerve flow? (nerve interference)

      1. The original thought was a physical interference to the nerve.

        1. That is not the case according to scientific investigation.

    2. So is there interference to nerve flow?

      1. Yes,

        1. Scientific evidence of nerve flow focuses on the neurons and the neuropeptides that complete the synaptic transmission. The neuropeptides carry the action potential between the neurons for proper nerve flow.

        2. The scientific investigation seems to stop at the physical activity and does not take into consideration the action potential is made up of energy frequencies.

          1. The energy frequencies of the action potential are guided by Intelligence.

          2. If there is an insult frequency in the action potential energy frequencies the Intelligence guidance can not be complete.

3. Current and past Chiropractic investigation does not consider any subject beyond the physical insult. So we have allowed our position on the cause of disease conditions to be deemed false, even though there have been many examples of its truth.

  1. Chiropractic has created its own problem by not investigating the energy and its components that are the source of life expression in the body.

  2. Frequencies created by an intelligence makeup and maintain all of the body’s physical expressions. Insult those frequencies and the static created causes an expression of physical dysfunction. The body’s intelligent effort to deal with the dysfunction has been termed disease.

  3. The only way to control dysfunction is to remove or reduce the insulting frequency. This can happen accidentally while treating the physical expression of the disease.

  4. State Energy Remedy® approaches the insulting frequencies directly. That is the reason the technique is so effective.

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Ronald Masters II, D.C.

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