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Thumb Palsy - Uncontrollable

26 February, 2021

Uncontrollable Thumb Palsy

Male Patient, age 87, presented uncontrollable palsy of his right-hand thumb. The thumb shaking was so intense that he could not hold and read a newspaper because the paper shook so rapidly. Previously He consulted a prestigious medical clinic complex with no result. Their diagnosis was the beginning of Parkinson's disease.

He held eating utensils in his left hand to keep from "slopping" food all over himself and the table. When he would sit watching TV or stand talking to a friend, he would hold his right hand with his left to cover the shaking. He expressed concern that as it progressed, he might not be able to drive, among other tasks.

The gentleman did not consult me for the thumb palsy. He wanted help with chronic low backache. A thorough case history revealed the thumb issue, among others. He was not aware that a Doctor of Chiropractic could treat his thumb shaking with a positive outcome.

Following the first treatment, he left the office without thumb palsy or backache. As expected, the palsy returned the next day. The low backache returned during the stress of loading hay bales. After further care, neither condition has returned after more than three years. He can now enjoy holding his morning newspaper without interruption.

He was treated with the State Energy Remedy® technique based on The Insulting Frequency Theory of Disease. This is a consistent outcome when applying this technique.

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Ronald Masters II, D.C.

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