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The Speed of Energy in the body

04 July, 2020

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When a heavy object is dropped on the big toe, what is it that causes the realization of pain to register instantaneously, instead of after the pain tract of the nervous system has registered the pain with the brain?

The Nervous System's Pain Tract is a relatively slow energy-transportation event from the big toe to the brain. The instant sensation of pain is not because of the nerve tract delivery, but because of another energy delivery system that has not been well recognized in Western Medicine.

The Energy System that delivered the pain registration to the brain so fast is the body's functional energy system. It travels at the speed of light. This energy transfer is much faster than nerve energy transfer.

The nerve energy transfer must first go through the process of being changed from frequency energy into chemical energy. Only then can it be passed from one nerve cell to another. The chemical energy requires a physical vehicle to carry it throughout the body. It is instrumental and cannot be replaced; however, it is not the body's exclusive carrier of energy that most current energy interpretation defines.

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Ronald Masters II, D.C.

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