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The Reason State Energy Remedy® is so vital to the Chiropractic profession

02 February, 2020

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The following is a copy of the first paragraph introducing the State Energy Remedy Academy.

"State Energy Remedy® is a NEW, NEVER BEFORE PRESENTED APPROACH TO HEALING. It is grounded in the Chiropractic premise that the cause of disease condition is the interruption of life-sustaining energy flow. It includes but is not limited to the spine-nerve relationship."

It appears to me that the Chiropractic profession is moving down a path toward its demise. If it continues on this path, there will not be any outside forces causing our profession to disappear, the cause will be chiropractic's present emphasis on care of spinal conditions.

Life-giving energy interruption causes disease conditions is the premise upon which chiropractic is based. The long-held understanding in the Western world was the life's energy transmission to the body's cells was solely through the nervous system (in some cases, that thought still exists).

Chiropractic's original rationale that the major interruption to life force was in the spinal column led to the study of the spinal subluxation. This is where our profession has been directing its research for over 100 years, on the spine. The research should have been directed toward the body's Life Force, why, and how it is interrupted. I have spent 20 years researching the interruption of the Life Force in the body. I agree the source of disease condition is an energy interruption, but it is not a physical spinal interruption.

There is another more pervasive interruption to the body's energy system; it is Insulting Energy Frequency. The State Energy Remedy Academy instructs how to find the insulting frequency in the patient's body and how to reduce it, thus freeing the body to function normally without the disease condition.

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Ronald Masters II, D.C.

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