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The danger of doctors of chiropractic being combined with doctors of physical therapy

03 November, 2019

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I am concerned our profession will be combined with Physical Therapist. There is great power in the Insurance industry, and the legislators are always looking to cut health care costs.

With our present self-limitation to the spine we are setting ourselves up for a take-over much like the Osteopaths were absorbed as Medical Doctors only we will be combined as Doctors of Physical Therapy. The chiropractors will fight it and so will the physical therapists, but the insurance industry has the data. They will show legislators that we both use the same or similar diagnosis codes so combining the two professions is a reasonable healthcare cost cut. It won't happen tomorrow but it will happen unless we change from Spinal only doctors to System energy doctors.

Using the State Energy Remedy technique allows the Doctor of Chiropractic the ability to reduce chronic conditions with great outcomes and that takes us beyond spinal conditions.

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Ronald Masters II, D.C.

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