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Symptoms Compared With Diagnosis When Treating Conditions

07 February, 2021

Symptoms Compared With Diagnosis When Treating Conditions

The State Energy Remedy® technique base is on evidence that everything is Energy (Einstein). Further, for Energy to be of Form, it must be controlled by an Intelligence. Without the guidance of Intelligence, Energy has no form.

Intelligence creates and directs energy frequency into its final form. The Human body is just one example of the magnitude and power of the Intelligence to make form. For the Human body to function, it relies on continual input from that Intelligence. (Intelligent Autonomic MInd)

At Human conception, the Intelligent Autonomic MInd shapes frequencies into a perfect human. When an insult creates an interference, the Intelligence uses directed ingenuity to overcome the insult. The continual effort over time to overcome the insult creates an expression that is labeled, Disease. This is the Insulting Frequency Theory of Disease.

The Disease expression may cause abnormal body function termed Symptoms. State Energy Remedy® Academy - Course Ⅱ instructs using a symptom as a vehicle to identify and eliminate the insulting frequency returning the body to a more normal state. When communicating with the Intelligence, it understands the symptom’s name. The Intelligence does not understand the name attached to the Disease syndrome (Diagnosis).

A diagnosis of the final expression caused by an insulting frequency is the opinion of a third party based on previous education and experience. Opinions vary, as do the resulting treatment outcomes.

Communicating with the body’s Intelligent Autonomic Mind concerning the symptom and what produces it takes opinion out of the equation. Treatment outcomes are faster and consistently improved.

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Ronald Masters II, D.C.

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