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Spring and Easter are statements of rebirth. The time is now for Chiropractic's rebirth also.

11 April, 2020

This year 2020, the Spring is no different than any other Spring. The World, however, is captivated by the fear of Corona Virus 19. Our governments are taking unprecedented actions to protect us from becoming infected. Our economies are shutting down. Yet Spring is no different.

Look around the birds are chirping, the trees are budding, young rabbits and young squirrels are playing. At least I think that is what they are doing, playing. This morning I witnessed a crow and a young squirrel interacting. It was a joy to watch.

We have deer that use our lower property along the river to rest and feed. The young ones won’t leave the older ones alone. Spring is here this year, and it is no different than thousands of years before. But this one is different for humans, why is that?

The general public is afraid. The general public has relinquished the responsibility for their good health to others. The general public looks to pills and surgery for their well-being. In the meantime, corporations whose sole purpose is to accumulate vast amounts of cash have taken over the health insurance industry, the hospital’s administration, the drug industry, and the medical profession. Good health is not the goal. Cash is the goal.

My profession, chiropractic is no different. My profession sees the cash value in the medical model of care, so we try to embrace it. The only way we can embrace it is to find a niche disease condition and try to capture it. We have found that niche condition; it is the spinal condition. But that isn’t working very well for us, because our original premise was the correction of energy interference that causes body disruption.

We have allowed those scientific investigators who have no understanding of how the body runs to declare there is no causation of spinal interference to the flow of energy in the body. We, therefore, do not fit into the medical model. We so wanted to be part of the cash cow of health care that we changed our focus from energy interference to spinal disruptions. The majority of our research is focusing on spinal function, not energy flow.

Chiropractic is the second largest healing art in the World behind medicine. At one point in the 20th Century, if the medical model failed, chiropractic was able to step in and deliver results. That time has come and gone with the 1918 - 1919 flu pandemic.

We now have another viral pandemic, and the medical model has again failed. This time chiropractic isn’t able to step in and deliver results because we only work with spinal conditions. This pandemic is not about the spine, it is about healthy immune systems or lack thereof.

It is time not to allow this to continue or ever happen again. It is time for chiropractic to have a rebirth and get back to its original concept but not limit itself to the spine. Science has shown that energy is the key. Correct body energy fortifies the body against outside invasions such as the Corona Virus 19 or any other pathogens. Science now has a better understanding of the role energy plays in body functions. It is time for chiropractic to embrace that understanding.

The State Energy Remedy® Academy instructs on releasing body energy encumbrances so that the body can ward off disease condition intrusions and invasions. The chiropractic technique State Energy Remedy® embraces the energy concept and, when applied to the patient, results in up to now unheard of amazing results and better immune systems than ever. Create a new Spring in your practice, enroll in the online courses of the Academy. Be a part of chiropractic's rebirth.

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Ronald Masters II, D.C.

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