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Professional Independence, a problem for Doctors of Chiropractic

23 November, 2019

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In the American Chiropractor magazine is an article by Dr. Van D. Merkle, Chiropractor titled Chiropractic Could Grow to a Prominence, Prestige and Demand Never Seen Before

Dr. Van D. Merkle, the author, recounts a conversation he had with a fellow D.C. at a conference concerning the Doctor’s practice, “Actual Comment From a DC, “I see patient’s joints being eroded and destroyed, even without injury or accident. These patients have jobs that require mild exertion, like a receptionist, teacher, or salesperson.” Dr. Merkle noted, “This DC offers no nutrition or vitamin therapy---just adjustments.

My personal experience is this happens more often than not. Doctors of Chiropractic staying on the spine in a many times futile effort to help a patient because we have been philosophically taught it is the cause of disease. If we were to go back and look at the writings of the early Doctors of Chiropractic, the spine is a tool to unleash an energy interference. The unleashing of energy interference has been set aside because, in some cases, it seems to work miraculously, but it can’t be replicated time after time.

It brings to mind an electrician apprentice that noted; often, an electrical problem is solved at the electric switch, so rather than looking for further electrical problems in the fuse box or the transformer becomes a Switch Specialist. He may fix switches but does not specifically influence the flow of electricity.

Dr. Merkle goes on to comment at many conferences; he notes that Doctors of Chiropractic are no healthier than the general population we serve. I agree with his assessment and sadly find his comments to be so true.

By nature, the Doctor of Chiropractic is a very professionally independent person. We have had to be to survive under pressure laid on us by other healthcare professionals, the health insurance industry, and the government in general. But this professional independence has spilled over into our relationship with our fellow practitioners. Some of the reason for that is we, ourselves have not received the healing response we needed from chiropractic spinal treatments, so we had to turn to the medical and pharmaceutical community, which has its issues health wise.

The State Energy Remedy Academy instructs a comprehensive chiropractic technique, which, when applied to a disease condition, creates a positive outcome that is replicated from patient to patient and practitioner to practitioner. By that, I mean, Doctors of Chiropractic using State Energy Remedy as a primary technique will experience similar positive outcomes.

To counteract the professional independence that exists within the chiropractic profession, the Academy strongly suggests Doctors of Chiropractic form a Partners and Live (PAL) relationship with a colleague for both of their health benefits. The Academy feels so strongly about this that it rewards both Doctors with free courses.

Under somewhat similar circumstances during the advent of the United States, Benjamin Franklin stated, “We must hang together, or we shall surely hang apart.”. That is particularly true now with the chiropractic profession. The philosophy chiropractic is based upon is not wrong; many of us have just abandoned it to our detriment. Insulting energy interference IS the cause of disease; however, there is more to the body's energy than the nervous system.

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Ronald Masters II, D.C.

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