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Help Patients increase their immunity

03 April, 2020

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This is not a time for Doctors of Chiropractic to hunker down, this is a time when chiropractic practices should excel.

Doctors and patients are on the defensive against Corona Virus 19, as well we should be, but historically chiropractic has been on the offensive against something like Corona Virus 19 by increasing their patient’s body's immune system protection.

Now is the time to be educating patients on how to increase their immune system against the virus to have them start thinking offensively against the Virus Covid19 so when they are exposed to it, and everyone will be exposed to it, they may only experience a slight symptom picture if any at all.

Doctors of Chiropractic need to inform patients that studies show chiropractic treatment increases the patient’s well-being. Patients should be advised that anybody in their family not under Chiropractic care should immediately be brought into the chiropractic office and placed under care to keep their general health at a higher level.

Studies show vitamin D3 supplementation increases the immune system. Every patient should be on a supplement of vitamin D3.

Refined sugar attacks the immune system and lowers it. During this time it is imperative that we remove refined sugar from our diet. Refined sugar includes candy, pastries, sodas, gum, corn syrup, jams and jellies to name a few. To some that may be difficult, however, it isn't necessary to read labels so much as it is to remove those that we know are sweet, other than fruits. Grapes, however, have a great deal of fructose in them and should also be avoided.

Studies show moderate exercise increases the immune system. If walking they must keep social distancing in mind. But any type of exercise during their stay at home will help their immunity.

Inflammation decreases the body's immune system. A big inflammation producer in the body is the Ileocecal Valve Syndrome. Every Doctor of Chiropractic should check the patient's Ileocecal Valve during their treatment and correct it if necessary. If the Doctor doesn’t know how to find or correct the Ileocecal Valve Syndrome, it is taught in the online State Energy Remedy Academy Course IV.

Hidden toxin producers causing body-wide inflammation are vitamin supplements the patient's body is allergic to. Some of the top advertised brands of over-the-counter supplementation are very toxic to the body. Even over-use of quality nutrition is toxic to the body. Testing supplement toxicity is taught as a bonus in Course Ⅰ of the online State Energy Remedy® Academy.

The key is, no matter what treatment the Doctor of Chiropractic does it is beneficial to the patient's immune system but if we don't inform patients of that it'll never happen because they stay away and we have a reduction in our practice. This is a time when Chiropractic practices should thrive because of the value we present to our patients’ health.

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Ronald Masters II, D.C.

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