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From Nerve Energy Base to Energy Frequency Base

04 July, 2020

Advantages of expanding from Nerve Energy Base to Energy Frequency Base.

So what is the value of shifting to a Body Energy Frequency Base from a Nerve Energy base?

There are a multitude of advantages. I will not cover all of them here, and not in an order that might resonate with you.

Patient satisfaction is an advantage. During each visit, you will be able to give the patient the relief for which they consulted you. As you become more proficient with the procedures, you will be able to rid the patient of their condition in many cases. Results build a practice faster than education. As conditions drag on, a Doctor of Chiropractic may try to educate the patient concerning chronic conditions. Such as requesting the patient to change a lifestyle, etc. Education is essential for the patient’s well-being but not as a therapy. The Doctor that quickly finds and dissipates the insulting frequency cause of the patient’s condition will create a patient who will consult the Doctor for other maladies as appear. You become the frontline of good health defense rather than the alternative fallback.

You can charge more and get paid better because, rather than being limited to CMT Codes, you may use E/M codes. Wikipedia describes E/M codes as being so you may get paid what you are worth. The State Energy Remedy® Academy’s care protocol includes procedures that qualify you to use E/M Codes. You are no longer limited to the Spine, yet the qualifying procedures are not ancillary modalities; they are part of the primary care process.

You are no longer limited to musculoskeletal conditions. Addressing Insulting Frequencies that impede body function opens up a whole broad spectrum of conditions. You will be able to get quality outcomes within a relatively short period for less money than other health care professionals.

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Ronald Masters II, D.C.

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