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Father's Advise for During Slow Office Times

28 March, 2020

Father’s Advice During Slow Office Times:

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I learned from my father when times get tough and things get slow it is an opportunity to reach out to my patient base with a note or letter about how important chiropractic is for their health.

I use this opportunity to let my patients know that studies show regular care increases the immune system of the body. The best way to keep their immune system up is for regular chiropractic care. This is a benefit no other doctor can offer.

So when there is downtime in the office, start addressing envelopes to your patients, calling those that miss an appointment to make sure they are alright, and reschedule to tune up their immune system.

The 80% of those who have had the Virus and don't get sick because their immune system is strong enough to ward the virus's effect off. Chiropractic care supports that response.

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Ronald Masters II, D.C.

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