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Enjoy a stable patient practice base and an increased income.

17 September, 2020

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In the magazine, Chiropractic Economics, the Annual Survey responses give me pause. The Survey paints a picture of the state of our profession’s economic status. It is an in-depth study of the reason for the individual doctor’s financial situation.

Some interesting statistics from the latest Survey is the average chiropractor’s weekly patient count and the average weekly new patient count. When you take those two statistics as the national average, it signifies average chiropractors do not have a stable practice. It indicates we are chasing symptoms rather than getting to the source of the health problem. Our patients are leaving us in a steady stream.

According to the Survey, the average number of chiropractic patient visits is 139 per week. The average chiropractor’s weekly new patient count is 8.6. If you divide the new patient count 8.6 into the weekly patient count, you get 16. 16 reflects the number of weeks the average chiropractic practice patient base is renewed.

On average, we renew our patient base every four months. It reflects how long, on average, our patients stay with us and why we need to replace them every four months to maintain a practice. That data demonstrates chiropractors across the nation do not have stable practices.

To have a stable practice, we need to retain our patients. To keep our patients, we need to give them the results they expect. Limiting the chiropractic practice to the spine and the spinal nerves do not accomplish that.

The State Energy Remedy® technique gives the Doctor of Chiropractic the tools to go beyond the spine and spinal nerves and provide the patients with the results they expect. The result is a much more stable practice than is reflected in the Annual Survey and an increase in the doctor’s income.

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Ronald Masters II, D.C.

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