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Energy Frequencies Support Life and Disease - Part 2

03 May, 2020

The premise of the individual's Life's expression: Part 2

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The Conscious Mind or Choice Mind makes human choices based on the Five Senses. The Conscious Mind feeds the choice thoughts to the Subconscious Mind by energy frequencies. Those frequencies may be retrieved spontaneously as a support for the Choice Mind (the Conscious Mind) to make further choices.

The Subliminal Mind, which is separate from the Subconscious Mind, is the part of the energy body that carries frequencies of physical aging as we move through each life moment. The Subliminal Mind is an archival frequency library of each moment of a Life's expression.

A life moment is the frequency energy expression of the present (the Now), imprinted on the subliminal mind. The stored frequency moments are the energy architecture of present and future life expressions.

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