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Energy Frequencies Support Life and Disease - Part 1

27 April, 2020

The premise of the individual's Life Expression. Part 1

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The Intelligent Autonomic Mind is the basis of each Life Expression. It is never interrupted even at the time of death. The Intelligent Autonomic Mind controls the body with a life force of multiple frequencies.

At conception, the architecture of the body (height, color, physical feature) passes from males and females by way of genes. An individual’s Intelligent Autonomic Mind directs frequencies that cause the activity of the genetic building blocks resulting in a Life Expression. Without any one of the three components, male gene, female gene, Intelligent Autonomic Mind, Life Expression does not exist.

State Energy Remedy® Technique / State - Pathophysiology: Body’s presenting disease condition / Energy - Pathogenesis: The insulting energy frequency causing State / Remedy - Clearing the pathogenic insulting frequency, reducing or eliminating the disease condition.

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