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Downs Syndrome Child's Amazing Response

24 October, 2019

Downs Syndrome child's amazing response

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I just had a most amazing experience.

A lady and her mother came into my office this morning with a 34-day old baby girl that is a diagnosed Downs Syndrome child. The mother said her child tosses her head back to the right and left which made it difficult to feed her. The child would not or could not suck on the bottle very well. The mother feels like the child’s tongue gets in the way. The child doesn’t sleep well.

The mother thought a chiropractor might help the head tossing so she was passing by my office and decided to stop in with the child. I explained that there are two types of chiropractors, a spinal chiropractor (one who works with the spine) and a systems chiropractor (one who works with the body’s systems).

I further explained I practiced spinal chiropractic for over 30 years but was now practicing system chiropractic. I suggested the head throwing probably had little to do with the neck since the baby would throw it right and left, but more to do with the child’s body having to deal with the Downs Syndrome condition.

I had some time so I asked if I could evaluate the child from a systems perspective, she readily agreed. I explained that I would be using the mother as a surrogate tester. Again she agreed.

After getting set for the surrogate procedure, I had the mother hold the child and I began a screen for Downs Syndrome. The screening found an insulting frequency associated with the Syndrome. I cleared the insulting frequency and the child immediately went to sleep with no tongue protruding between her lips. The mother and grandmother were amazed. It was the quietest the child had been since she was born. She was peaceful.

The grandmother had the child’s bottle with her, so I asked if the mother would try to feed her. She did and the child, who previously could not effectively suckle began to suck the bottle’s nipple normally. Again mother and grandmother were amazed, and frankly so was I.

I cautioned the mother that this may only be temporary because I applied the very basic State Energy Remedy technique and the condition required deeper evaluation. She was very appreciative for my input and her child’s response. Since I do not accept insurance or Medicaid I doubt I will see her again. I did not charge her for the first visit, but the amazing response to the application of the State Energy Remedy technique was enough for me.

This type of what the grandmother termed “a miracle” happens in my office repeatedly. I am so blessed to be a part of each of them.

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Ronald Masters II, D.C.

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