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Doctor of Chiropractic education compared to Doctor of Medicine education

16 October, 2019

Doctor of Chiropractic education compared to Doctor of Medicine education.

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Doctors of chiropractic receive more training in anatomy and physiology while Doctors of medicine receive more training in public health. Chiropractic colleges focus on chiropractic principles, diagnosis, orthopedics, physiologic therapeutics, and nutrition.

The chiropractic profession is limiting itself primarily to spinal care, yet Doctors of Chiropractic are educated and examined in whole-body care.

Why are we limiting ourselves to the spinal column? Understandably years ago it was understood that the body’s primary energy vehicle was the nervous system, but that has all changed. As a profession whose original premise was the cause of Disease is the interference of body energy, we have not moved from the original spinal application.

The original chiropractic premise of the cause of Disease is not wrong. The original spinal approach is not wrong, it just doesn’t go far enough. Our profession has concentrated on the body‘s spine rather than the body’s energy. That has all changed with the instruction presented by the State Energy Remedy Academy.

State Energy Remedy® is a fast effective chiropractic healing technique that encompasses all of the body’s energy not just the nerve energy. Doctors and patients are amazed by its effectiveness.

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Ronald Masters II, D.C.

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