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Chiropractic and Viruses

24 December, 2020

Chiropractic and Viruses

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When hearing about viruses and their effect on humans, the term "the body's response" or "the body's reaction" is used. The phrase "the body" is used as though there is a physical response directed by one's body. This is an inaccurate explanation of what happens when there is a health incident and leads practitioners away from the true cause of the disease problem.

One might say, "Well, you know what is meant by the term "the body." I counter that by saying the body by itself has no capability of any type for such activity. What happens is an intelligence makes decisions to cause a body's response. The State Energy Remedy® technique has termed that intelligence the Intelligent Autonomic Mind.

The Intelligent Autonomic Mind is universal in its capacity. It is the intelligence that makes the decisions on the intracellular level, the inter-cellular level, the tissue level, the organ level, and more. It responds to any incident or activity it determines causes a possible danger to life. Some examples that may cause a response are stress, sugar, and emotions, to name a few.

The Intelligent Autonomic Mind's response may cause toxins to the body's tissue, such as inflammation. Inflammation is a good response when responding to a few items. Still, if there are multiple incidents, the inflammation becomes a toxin, an inhibitor to good health.

If a virus intrudes by itself, it can be handled, but if there is inflammation in the body caused by other responses, an overload happens. The product of the inflammation, such as mucus, may cause such interference with normal organ function that it cannot be handled effectively and can prove to be fatal.

Chiropractic can help avoid this overload scenario. The spinal adjustment has been proven to reduce body inflammation. D.C.s advice on quality lifestyle, including diet and exercise followed, lowers inflammation. Doctors that know how to normalize a major inflammation producer, the Ileocecal Valve Syndrome, offer even more relief from the toxicity of inflammation.

Doctors who use the State Energy Remedy® technique taught by the State Energy Remedy® Academy make checking the Ileocecal Valve a routine part of their examination before each treatment. With the tools D.C.s have available, they should welcome the opportunity to keep their patients well with regular care that reduces the need for an inflammation response.

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Ronald Masters II, D.C.

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