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An excerpt from The State Energy Remedy Academy Home Page

18 January, 2021

Like Lighting a Dark Room

It is time for Doctors of Chiropractic to expand their care by merely redefining where the body’s energy is interrupted. The online State Energy Remedy Academy offers that opportunity by instructing the Insulting Energy Theory of Disease, detecting and correcting conditions at their very scientific energy base, the Insulting Frequencies.

A simple example of this principle is a lighted room. The lighted room is the STATE of the room. The light is the expression of ENERGY. To change the light's expression when the room goes dark requires a switch, that is the REMEDY. The same principle applies to Disease. Interrupting static energy causes the body to express Disease, the body’s STATE. The State Energy Remedy® technique approaches Disease the same as a lighted room gone dark, detect and correct the switches, insulting frequencies That is the reason the technique is so consistently effective.

View a video of Chiropractic’s fastest relief, most comprehensive technique and the State Energy Remedy® Academy curriculum, including an limited-time Introductory offer of 50-75% savings click; (no credit card necessary)

Ronald Masters II, D.C.

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