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​A New Year and a New Chiropractic beginning

29 December, 2019

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The New Year always brings a feeling of renewal to me. It provides a break in the routine I seem to fall into during the previous year. The New Year is a blessing because it makes me look forward to opportunities that lie ahead.

Each New Year, many folks declare New Year's resolutions, I don't. Reason, I never have followed them and it is disheartening to me, and creates a sense of failure. That I certainly do not need, I have had my share of failures, many of them, but not all, were New Year's resolutions that I did not keep.

Instead of resolutions, I use the start of a New Year to fantasize. I fantasize about what the coming year has to offer. Fantasizing is so much more fun than resolving. Fantasizing allows me to go beyond the roadblocks I placed on myself the previous year or even decade, or in my case, that's decades. Fantasizing creates a whole new experience or expands what I am experiencing now.

When I started fantasizing, I made the mistake of going outside the realm of possibilities. An example, at first, I fantasized I had won the Lottery and what I would do with the money. For some, that is a legitimate fantasy; for me, I didn't even buy a ticket. I had fun imaging all of the things I would do with the winnings, but it didn't add to my life experience one bit because I didn't follow up. There is an adage, "If you are going to play the game you have to buy a ticket.

Over the years, I have matured in my New Years' fantasizing. As an example, one year, I fantasized my practice would grow by 10%. It didn't. If you keep doing the same thing you cannot expect a different result. I didn't do anything to help it grow except fantasize about its growth.

The next year I changed and fantasized my practice had grown by 10%. This time rather than watching it grow I immersed myself in its growth. I looked at my book and realized I had not given it time in the appointment book for more new patients and a 10% growth, so I changed that by having my appointment book reflect the increase.

I realized I couldn't spend as much time with my present patients, in order to give room for the 10% increase in patients I was seeing. So I cut back on my chatting and focused more on my patient's problems. I started re-examining my present patients and found many of them had conditions they hadn't shared with me primarily because I hadn't asked. I reviewed my current patients' case histories with them, and to my surprise, many of them didn't remember the problems I already fixed for them.

That year my practice increased by 17%, but the exciting thing is it wasn't because of new patients. It was because I was finding problems that needed addressing in my present patients. My new patients that year only grew by 4%, but there was growth.

My experience fantasizing about successful change was not useful for me when I looked forward to a better life. Fantasizing became useful when I accepted a better life and immersed myself in it by making changes that allowed my better life to be. I had heard it many times, "If you keep doing the same thing, you cannot expect a different result.", but I kept doing the same until I questioned why things were not getting better. Then I began to change my experience for a better life. It worked then and continues to work for me now.

Happy New Year

Ronald Masters II, D.C. Director of State Energy Remedy Academy,

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