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19 years Suffering Interstitial Cystitis Resolved with the State Energy Remedy® Technique

26 October, 2020

Interstitial Cystitis resolved by State Energy Remedy® addressing Insulting Frequencies in the body.

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The patient is an 88-year-old female with multiple health issues. The primary one she presented me with is severe pain and spasms in her bladder and pubic area. It was diagnosed as Interstitial Cystitis 19 years ago. She has consulted in her terms “many doctors, chiropractors, and others with no results.”

She said the pain she was experiencing was daily and constant during waking hours. She could obtain relief lying down. However, she could not sleep any more than 45 minutes to an hour without interruption.

She walked in a bent-over almost crouched position when she entered my office. Her demeanor was slow and guarded with paused interruptions during the consultation. When I asked about that she said it was because of the almost intolerable bladder spasm pain.

Her 92-year-old husband expressed concern. He has used chiropractic successfully for several of his health issues. They were referred to me by another patient who explained that the approach in this office is different than other chiropractic offices. This did not impress him but his concern for his wife was paramount.

I explained to them that my approach to conditions is not that much different than other doctors of chiropractic. Chiropractic’s basic premise is to release interrupted energy flow in the body. A great percentage of chiropractors have limited that energy flow release to the nervous system using the spine. My approach using the State Energy Remedy® program of care includes all of the body’s energy.

I explained that the first program of care would be 5 visits. A reevaluation would be performed during the fifth visit to determine if there needs to be continued care. She gave consent to become a patient.

During the initial examination, the signs established the patient was suffering from more than her primary complaint. She exhibited Occipital Stasis and a neurological involvement that is common in chronic conditions. She exhibited heavy metal involvement and high toxin levels. Each of these is determined by a reflex energy response of the body, not lab testing. On further evaluation, it was determined she had multiple insulting frequencies in her body’s energy which by themselves would cause a body disease response.

The care was isolated to the patient’s primary complaint of Interstitial Cystitis. Using the techniques in the first four courses of the State Energy Remedy® Academy, 1. Clearing the body’s efforts to resist care and maintain homeostasis. 2. Finding where the Insulting Frequencies responsible for the Interstitial Cystitis was in the patient’s energy system. 3. Clearing the crippling Insulting Frequency.

When the patient presented herself for the third visit she remarked that she had experienced sustained relief from the Interstitial Cystitis pain and spasms for the first time in 19 years. Now she no longer experiences any pain or spasms in her Bladder area.

Note: Patient responses are individual outcomes each is different, however, with this technique responses are faster than normal.

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Ronald Masters II, D.C.

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